Many years ago, from amidst a group of young people sprung up the idea to organize a Catholic Congress for Youth. The goal of this Congress would be to help young people become more aware of the problems of today’s world and for them to come up with answers to this situation.

Facing so many false solutions, these young people proposed to break the ‘silence’ of so many of the youth, and to get them to reflect together, youth with youth, about the participation that they should all have in this society and in this world where they live.

From this initial inspiration came the first CONVIVIO in 1977. Since then, many young people in different countries around the world have participated in Convivio, which has been a weekend that has marked their lives.

In 2010, for the first time in Asia, Convivio was held in Cebu, Philippines.

You can go to: http://conviviophilippines.com/home/